Viridor Credits to fund The Horton’s kitchen fit-out

Horton Chapel Arts & Heritage Society is pleased to announce that the charity been awarded £36,141 by Viridor Credits through the Landfill Communities Fund for the purchase of kitchen equipment at The Horton.

The grant is a substantial contribution towards fitting out the café that we hope will be a real hub for the local community and an attraction for visitors coming to attend creative arts events and activities, or find out more about Epsom’s heritage.

Converting spaces at the altar end of the building will be the next stage of the renovation of Horton Chapel. The former vestry, a small room which stored the chapel’s linen and where people would get changed into ceremonial vestments, will become the new food preparation kitchen. Additional café equipment will be fitted on and under the counter of the more spacious servery. The raised area, where the choir stalls were previously sited, will be the main café seating area, accessed via the original steps and a new ramp.

A seasonal menu at The Horton will be available from breakfast through to early evening specials and will feature local independent suppliers of food and drink.

Trustee Maria Reeves said: “We are very grateful to Viridor Credits for recognising the value to the local community in having a vibrant café at The Horton. The commercial grade kitchen equipment needed is very expensive and this grant makes a huge difference to what our charity be able to afford. We look forward to welcoming everyone to this wonderful social space as soon we are up and running next year.”

Hospitality design is being led by Highly Creative Minds and Independent Hospitality Solutions.